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The "Blue Light" System

An introduction to *your* metaphorical “Sharps Bucket”, and how your life is being impacted.

The “Blue Light System Program is not therapy. I won’t ask you to talk about past negative experiences unless you bring them up.

It is not woo. Woo is the unexplained. This is explained and all about you. I am practical, logical and a straight-forward, process-oriented, coach for you.

This is not about adding to your problems and creating more thought processes for you, its about elimination of negative beliefs holding you back, not complicating and additional tricks!

Emotional Health Coach, Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health Support 

Discovery call

Your informal chat

Lets have a call, book your free 30 minute call and get an instant sense of relief. 

The "Blue Light" Primary Survey

Your 8 sessions of change

Book now and lets start your first step to success


*Payments Plan Available 

"Blue Light" Secondary Survey

Your 8 sessions

plus a 121 session each month following for up to 6 months and email support. 


Pricing Plans

Fitted to you

For the Too Good To Be True in you

“How can you fix me?

“How can you do what others haven’t been able to help me with or what I have read online or in a book?

I don’t talk through all the previous history with you and ask you to “tell me everything” we chat and find out what is holding you back, what is causing your stress, worry or frustration. We work together to eliminate those outdated and negative beliefs that you no longer need to hold on to. All that self-doubt and critical self-talk.


Is The “Blue Light” System for me?

If you are an emergency worker, a frontline worker, someone who work sin the contact or control centres, you may lead teams or organise workloads, you may work in the NHS or private medical units, you get the idea!

You want to take responsibility of your life again and be in control of what you need and want.

You have most likely tried other options, books, courses, online groups or short courses etc you now want a fix which is going to last not just a piece of sticky tape.

The "Blue Light" 

Em-Power Hour


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