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Are you ready to bring back that spark into your passion for your work?

Lets eliminate those feelings of self doubt, of being stuck and lets achieve what you know you can do..

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Hi, I'm Helen,
I help you to fix mental roadblocks & eliminate self doubt simply and quickly, through the "Blue Light" system to revive your drive and bring back that passion for your career and your zest life. 

By the end of your 8 steps, you are going to have a renewed drive and motivation that will take you from run down to revived resulting in achieving your goals and that work/life balance you desire. HelenLstephens

What Can I Do For You, when you do such an important role already?

When we work together, I am 100% committed to getting you the results for you, no stone is unturned.
I will be respectful & objective, however, ill call you out but in a good way, having some light-hearted instant relief moments along the way. 
Giving you the drive and motivation to find your solution focused result you want for that freedom you've been desiring.

High performers and Over Achievers start off the sessions feeling stuck, deflated, flat and frustrated.

They complete and finish the sessions feeling cleared of the imposter syndrome, negative self-belief, negative core beliefs and mental blocks that have held them back.

Your subconscious is the part of your mind is constantly, tirelessly working in the background for you, calculating and worrying about security and survival.

The “Blue Light” System will discuss your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions, which are the lenses through which your mind constantly filters the world and which heavily determine how you experience daily life and challenges.

Within the first 3 sessions you’ll begin to understand how you are feeling,  You’ll notice some shifts in how you think and how you see yourself.

In the next sessions you will begin to see what you believe to be true about yourself may be holding you back and you can cast it aside.

You’ll understand how you think and why so you can change or adapt this in relationships, at work, with your family.

Get that new sense of Freedom

It can be really flattening to feel stuck. It can be hard to know that you either did achieve results previously and your mindset is now holding you back or you are feeling fixed and not free or present. 

This can be solved and you can feel free again to know where and how you want to head. 

Its not just about reading a book and off you go, you need to look at what is causing this, internal or external sources. This way you can see, adjust and move forwards to that freedom you desire. 

Remove Self Doubt

Do you find yourself feeling stuck? You know you need to do something but what? Or do procrastinate? 

We usually know we need to change something, however we find that it can be easier to stay as we are than to challenge our thoughts, we then give in to the self doubt and the process continues. 

Imposter Syndrome?

Do you feel like there is that little voice, just there niggling on your shoulder?

Do you sit down in the evening or go to bed and think, I am not good enough for this? Maybe you wonder when people will realise you cant do it? You have most likely already achieved good results but still feel like an imposter? You CAN change this.


What others have said"

Respectful of your Privacy

Helen is so friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable and cares for your individual wellbeing not just the group as a whole. She created a safe space for you to talk and be open whilst feeling you don't need to share if you are not ready. 

Your Critical Friend

Helen was brilliant, like a non judgmental friend, talking through everything in a matter of fact yet humorous way. I would recommend to anyone!

Committed & Resourceful

I found the virtual sessions extremely helpful during lockdown. Helen is extremely caring and supportive and was able to tailor the course to meet my needs. I am looking forward to my future sessions. Thank you

Let's Take You to the Next Level

Contact on +44 07860841078

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